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Hypnotherapy-Hypnosis Huntington Beach

Welcome to the Healing Horizons Hypnotherapy. Have you ever felt like you just cant seem to control your life? You have to the power in your mind, but we need to get to subconsious to work on issues, fears, phobias and blockages.


Conquer your problems or just relax deeper and deeper while receiving a massage or bodywrap. 

Hypnosis is not sleep, isn't someone controlling you, or that you are weak or gulliable.

Hypnosis is Awaken State of relaxation, uses imagination, body and mind connection.

Many questions people usually have about Hypnosis:

What if I cant be hypnotized? We will perform few qualifiers before session, but most people can be hypnotized if they consent to it.

Will I be aware of everything happening? yes you will be deeply relaxed totally aware at all times and nothing can go against your morals.

How many sessions will I need? Sometimes one session is enough depending on the issue. Smoking can be helped with 1-2 sessions. Weight loss would be weekly or monthly for maintenance.

What will Hypnosis feel like? It will feel like a real long nap was taken when done.


Body Has 4 Brain waves

Apha- Awaken state, hypnosis state

Beta- When you feel yourself falling asleep

Theta- Dreaming state

Delta- REM or deep sleep

Hypnosis is safe, effective way to release tension, anxiety, fears, change behaviors, improve focus, reach goals. Intro session $ 99     Hypnosis Session  $125 

Intro Hypno-Massage session 1hr $ 159   Hypno-Massage 1hr  $175    Smoking Hypnosis $250   

Hypnosis & Aloe Wrap $179   Weightloss Hypnosis $150   4wk weightloss Hypnosis $499

Samantha Guzman -Certified Hypnotherapist