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HCG Diet Huntington Beach


Have you failed on other diets?

  Would You Like to drop 30 lbs/30days!    '

Lose up to 1 pound a day                     

 HB Center for Wellness CR500

What is CR500?


Our Human Chorionic Gondotropin is a hormone that is produced naturally during   pregnancy. In the 1950’s, a British endocrinologist named A.T.W.  Simeons studied the effects hCG on the body, discovering that it seemed to promote the burning of non-essential fat when administered to an individual on a low-calorie diet. His hCG diet was later popularized by Kevin Trudeau in his book The Weight Loss Ce “They” Don’t Want You To Know About.


How does this program work?


               The CR500 and supportive ingredients are administered as

       daily drops before each meal, and are combined with a with a

low-calorie diet of lean meat, vegetables and fruit. What to expect:

  • You will start with two loading days when you can eat high fat foods, and gain 3-5 pounds while taking drops three times per day
  • Day 2-30
  •  am: weigh your self, drink herbal tea, and fruit apple or strawberries,
  • 100 caloires protein, and vegetables for lunch,
  • snack of fruit,
  • dinner protein and vegetables
  • Drink water all day, eat only foods on list, take vitality vitamins and nuvogene tea 1x a day for energy and stabalizing of blood sugar


less cravings, lose bad fat, sculpt your body, detox body, skinny YOU! IF have more than 30 pounds you will go on maintenance for six weeks then restart program. By Day three you really start lose cravings and your success will be seen and results amazing!

                  Caloric Restrictions at 500 Calorie


Get Started for $150

( Includes drops, manual, consultation for weightloss

* price as of Dec1st Refill Drops $70 plus shipping ,                    must have used before.

Samantha Guzman

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5/25/11 -I started at 133.5 weight before day one only two days later I weighed 127.2.  I will plan to reach 117 pounds -SKG