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Detox Herbal Body wrap Huntington Beach

Inch loss Body Wraps

Aloe Herbal Body Wrap    Lose 4-15 inches in one wrap!                                                                                         


The Set-N-Me-Free inch loss program is a method of taking off inches and tightening skin in just one hour.  It involves wrapping the body with cotton cloth that has been soaked in our all-natural Aloe Vera and Herb solution.  It is perfectly safe, healthful, and very relaxing.  It works by breaking down fat and flushing toxins away.  The cloth wraps are applied warm so the pores will open, allowing the solution to get down into the fat deposits.  The Aloe Vera in the solution will penetrate the protein wall around the fat cell and allow the herbs in the solution to begin dissipating the bulky toxins into the lymph system.  After the wrap, we ask that you drink water to flush out the broken down fat and toxins so they are GONE!  It is not a water loss - but a definite inch loss.


Lose 4-15 inches per wrap!

How much you will lose depends upon how much of your body is soft fat and cellulite. The average loss with each wrap is four to eight inches. The aloe/herbal solution affects the fat so that you lose inches in the areas where you have fat to lose. Using our Aloe Vera Body Wash cleans out clogged pores, letting the solution penetrate better. You will lose inches, NOT WEIGHT with this wrap. The inch loss stays off as long as you do not gain more weight.  However, no one can continue eating at a size larger than they wish to be.  Also important is the avoidance of alcohol as well as salty, spicy, sugary and oily foods as these foods will keep the water you drink from flushing through the cells to cleanse your body of the unwanted Set-N-Me-Free is not a heat or sauna type wrap.  After the wrap is applied, we put you in a warming suit to retain your own body warmth and even cover you with a blanket to prevent chilling.  You will lounge comfortably warm in the wrap for 45 minutes, with the entire process taking about one and one half hours.
Your skin will be smoother, moist and tighter after the wrap.  In fact, many of our clients do not need to lose weight at all, but need skin tightening because of prior weight loss or to tighten skin that has become saggy over the years.  The solution is 100% natural with pure Aloe Vera and specially selected and blended herbs.  No salt or chemicals are used in the solution, which is completely safe even for children and pregnant women.




body wrap

Aloe Herbal Body Wrap $85  -Intro special $69 1st wrap

Buy three wraps $ 255*

*Includes  one Free 45 min facial w wrap

Buy six wraps $ 435*

Includes one 45 min Aloe Hydrating Facial

And one Ionic Foot detox bath session

Not valid with other discounts or offers

 45 min Hydrating Facial & 60 min Aloe Herabl body wrap $139

60 min Aloe Herbal Body Wrap & 1hr Detox massage $139