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LED Light Therapy Huntington Beach

 Led Light Therapy for Skin Rejuvenation



Skin has a wonderful ability to absorb light and utilize this energy to stimulate a healing response. Light therapy uses specific color wavelengths to penetrate different levels of the skin, providing a wide range of benefits.

The light energizes cells to produce collagen, provide improved circulation, kill bacteria, and eliminate toxins. In turn, skin becomes younger-looking, clearer, and more radiant. It also heals faster.


Skin absorbs the light. Skin converts light energy into ATP (cellular fuel). Energized cells perform at an enhanced rate due to increased RNA and DNA activity, like the cells in young skin, thus providing numerous healthful and beautifying benefits such as:

  1. Increased fibroblast activity for increased collagen and elastin protein production (multiple anti-aging benefits)
  2. The release of nitric oxide (anti-inflammation, anti-pain, and healing benefits)
  3. Increased circulation (rejuvenating and revitalizing benefits)




Because it is non-invasive, light therapy is painless and requires no down time or recovery time. There are no UV rays. Light therapy has been used to effectively treat numerous skin and body conditions for many years. It is a clinically proven technology.

  • Non-Invasive
  • No Recovery Time Required
  • No UV Rays – No Burning
  • Completely Painless
  • Very Effective
  • Clinically Proven


 What type and how long until I see results?
Skin texture and tone improve from the first treatment. Pigmentation fades over the course of 15 or more treatments. Skin begins to plump and feel more moist within three weeks.For collagen production and anti-aging you will see results in 6 - 10 weeks, depending on the condition of your skin to begin with. However, some individuals experience results in quicker time. Rosacea skin will calm down after about 6 to 8 treatments. 

Pain and wounds heal faster and better with each treatment (use 2 times per area every day for pain management). Usually pain and inflammation cease after just one to three days use.

How many treatments should I do each week?
For rejuvenation and repair use the unit only 9-17 minutes per day. Once desired effect is achieved, just use the unit two to three times weekly for maintenance. For pain management or reducing inflammation, use the unit 17 minutes x 2 per day per area.

Is Red Light Therapy safe to use around my eyes?
L.E.D.s are very bright and therefore it is not advisable to look into the direct light. Keep the eyes CLOSED during use on the face. The light will not cause damage to the eye.

Is there any area I should not use the Light Therapy on?
Only if you have thyroid challenges simply cover the thyroid area for cautions sake with piece of gauze, or folded tissue when treating the neck. The thyroid is located under the "u" notch in the center of the collarbone. The thyroid is deep enough below the skin surface that it is not affected by light, but a cover is always advised particularly if you have thyroid concerns. See other CONTRAINDICATIONS for usage further down this page.

Does Light Therapy help fade age spots?
Yes, over time, red LED Red Light Therapy can help fade age spots! For even faster results, exfoliate your skin twice weekly. See suggestions above. If you have rosacea, don't use scrubs. Instead use a glycolic cleanser or salicylic acid based cleanser to gently exfoliate skin. Be sure to apply daily sunscreen to help prevent further age spots and wrinkles.


Many scientific studies have proven that Red Light Therapy (also known as LED Light Therapy) can help rejuvenate skin and is beneficial for pain management! Ten years ago I revealed the age-proofing benefits of Red Light Therapy in my doctor-recommended book, Hollywood Beauty Secrets: Remedies to the Rescue. Now many health magazines, famous dermatologists and even Dr. Oz have acknowledged my findings. Below are a few quotes from dermatologists and health experts:

"The treatment is especially effective at improving the appearance of the face, neck and chest, by reducing signs of aging, wrinkles and age spots."

Web M.D. Health

“LEDs activate the skin’s natural rejuvenation process for a smoother, more even complexion.”
In Style Magazine/Sept.2008

"Photo Rejuvenation treatment results are the closest thing to a face lift that I’ve been able to achieve since becoming an aesthetician."
Day Spa Magazine

“Six weeks of treatment with LEDs can significantly improve the appearance of fine lines.”
In Style Magazine/Sept.2008

About Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy has been used by NASA, the US Army and professional athletes for decades for quick healing of injuries. And now, it has become known as one of the most effective and non-invasive ways to help rejuvenate and repair the skin. 



                   Before                                                      After


Apply this exclusive pre-treatment serum prior to an LED Red Light Therapy session. Formulated with age-defying properties that will not hinder the LED rays, it is beneficial for those challenged with deeply wrinkled, sun damaged skin to help achieve a faster skin rejuvenating result with LED use. AFTER LED session, apply emu oil or nighttime crème of choice on to

               Futura Face Led Treatment     15min Intro session $40   30 min session $60

  Futura Led to any microderm or facial:  15min $30  *  30min $50

Choose Anti-aging, Acne, Rocesea, Hyperpigmentation, Revitalizing

 Purchase 3 (15min) sessions$105   *  Purchase 3 (30min) sessions $165  

Purchase 6 (30min) sessions .................................................... $300





Led Light therpay for Pain Management


Collagen helps plump the skin, while elastin firms the skin. Red Light Therapy's combination of red and infrared light diodes penetrate deep into the dermis layer of the skin, energizing and repairing damaged cells, stimulating collagen and elastin, giving the skin back its youthful look. And Red Light Therapy goes even deeper than the dermis to repair damaged cells, and reduce inflammation so it is highly effective for pain management such as joint and back pain, sore or torn muscles, sprains, arthritis, fibromyaligia, post-surgical scars, burns, wounds and more. See more benefits and specifications of our red light therapy as you scroll down the page.

In just weeks, many individuals achieve a dramatic reduction and improvement in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, crow's-feet and age spots on face, chest, neck and hands with just 17 minutes use per day. The diodes can safely touch the face. And for pain relief, results can be had within days of using Red Light Therapy.

The Science is Behind Red Light Therapy

Several studies have shown that skin cells grow 150-200 percent faster when exposed to certain types of light wavelengths. Independent research for over 40 years has shown that the combination of Red and Infrared light emitting diodes (LED’s) deliver powerful therapeutic benefits to living tissue. The key is finding a red light therapy system that offers the correct combination of red and infrared LEDs. Here’s why:

When combined, red and infrared light diodes have been shown to affect at least 24 different positive changes at a DEEP level. Visible Red light, at wavelengths from 630-660 nanometers and Infrared diodes at wavelengths of 880 nanometers penetrate tissue to a depth of 8-10 mm (down to the collagen and beyond).

Studies on Red Light Therapy:
LED light is very beneficial in treating problems close to the skins surface such as wounds, cuts, and scars. Skin layers, because of their high blood and water content, absorb red light very readily and deliver enough energy to stimulate a response from the body to heal itself.

LED Photons must be absorbed to produce a biological response. All biological systems have a unique absorption spectrum, this uniqueness determines which wavelengths of light will be absorbed to produce a given therapeutic effect. The visible red and infrared portions of the spectrum have been shown to be highly absorbent and produce unique restorative effects in living tissues. It is thought that light photons are absorbed by the skin and underlying tissue and triggers biological changes within the body in a process know as photobiomodulation. Although the exact mechanism of action is still undergoing study, what is know is that monochromatic light increases oxygen and blood flow, facilitating wound healing.

LED therapy is a non-invasive procedure that activates skin cells with pulses of low-level, non-thermal light energy. LED therapy converts light energy within the skin cells, like photosynthesis, which takes sunlight and converts it into food energy in plants. LED therapy is one of the few non-invasive tools available that can reverse the appearance of aging skin, such as wrinkles and mottled skin tone.

The Power of Light Therapy
For those of us who are not convinced that light can have a physical effect on our bodies, think of a sun tan. With the correct wavelength of light, melanin is generated in our skin to produce a tan. Without sunlight, our bodies can't produce Vitamin D. Without a minimal amount of sunlight, many people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a depression cured by exposure to light. Premature babies with a jaundice condition are treated with light until heir livers are mature enough to take over. So you see, different types of light energy affects us every day in many ways.

Research shows that specific wavelengths (colors) stimulate specific responses in the body. Red wavelengths and certain infrared (not visible) wavelengths will increase cellular activity at the dermal level. As we age, there is a drop in cellular activity and energy levels. With the delivery of the correct wavelengths of LED light, these dermal cells receive a rejuvenating, anti-aging boost from the light energy. Light stimulation also increases blood flow, helping bring nutrients and cellular growth factors to the treated areas.

The combination of red and infrared light light diodes stimulate fibroblast and collagen production to strengthen sagging, wrinkled skin. The lymph vessels open and drain more efficiently to remove toxic waste and promote a healthier looking skin. The skin heals quicker, and with less post surgical or post trauma scarring. LED Red Light Therapy has been used by NASA, the US Army and athletes for quick healing. And it is quickly becoming known as one of the most effective and non invasive ways to help rejuvenate and repair the skin.

 Intro Session 1 area (17 min) $ 25    2 areas(34 mins) $ 55    3 areas (51 mins) $ 75

V.I.P Clients add to massage for $20 for 1 session for knee, neck, shoulder, low back