Massage Therapy 

Therapeutic Massage 

Choose a relaxation massage with light to medium pressure, basic prenatal massage or injury/medical massage.     

 60 Minutes…..………..........…$89.00

     90 Minutes……......………$ 109.00       120 Minutes……...  …..……$159.00

Custom Massage

60 Minutes………...…...............$99.00

 90 Minutes……...…………… ....$119.00

120 Minutes…… ..……...……$169.00

Deep Tissue/Sports Massage

Relax with a massage that is Med to Deep Pressure given to heal your injured areas. Includes Heat therapy.

Advanced Pre-Natal Massage

A massage using aromatherapy for women 6 months pregnant and over to help ease back pain and discomforts.

Couples Side-by Side Massage

* Price per Person Relax in our Couples Room Side by Side to enjoy a relaxing therapeutic massage with your partner or a girls day out.

Ashiatsu Massage

Using feet, the therapist will apply deep strokes to back combining Asian and Swedish Massage .

Zen Thai Massage

Includes Therapeutic Stretching, Joint Mobilization, deeptissue compression, Toning of energy lines, Acupressure.

Balancing Treatments    

60 Minutes………….……… …$89.00

Cranial-Sacral Massage

A non-invasive technique, using light pressure, that balances the Cranium, Spinal fluid, and Sacrum. There is a physical release of energy as spinal fluid balances.

Add 30 Minute session to

60 Minute massage for $50.00.

TMJ Release/Neck Massage

Release jaw pain and tightness with inner mouth therapy. Get your jaw realigned and pain free.


A Japanese Healing technique which used "Ki" life energy, to promote healing, balance and relaxation. This session is performed fully clothed.

Lymphatic Drainage $125

A gentle massage using rocking and flowing of lymphatic system out of the body.

Spa Enhancements

Hot Stone $15

Massage with warm stones on tense areas during massage.

Aroma Stone $20

A relaxing massage with hot stones and a melted soy candle used as oil for a warm and soothing massage.

Aromatherapy $5-$10

Choose from a variety of essential oils to add onto your massage for different ailments such as muscle pain, stress, anxiety and relaxation.

CBD Infused Massage Oil $25

Our soothing all natural massage oil contains 1,200 milligrams of hemp CBD per bottle providing effective relief for sore muscles.

Detox Enhanced Oil $15

Massage using a special eucalyptus blend massage oil that helps detox the body.

Exfoliating Scrub $45-$50

Buff away dead skin cells and dry, flaky skin with our exfoliating scrub that leaves your skin brightened and moisturized.

Eco-Fin Hand/Foot $15-$25

A truly healthy and nourishing hand and foot treatment made with 100% natural plant based emollients and pure essential oils. No petroleum, artificial dyes or synthetic fragrance.

Massage Cupping $25

Cupping therapy is a form of alternative medicine in which cups are placed on the skin to create suction & relief tight fascial muscle tissue increasing blood flow & reduce inflammation, no marks are left on skin.

Reflexology (30 minutes) $59

A foot massage using the body’s acupressure points  

Reiki Infused Massage $15

Add onto a 60 or 90 minute massage to focus on relaxation and stress relief using reiki healing energy to revitalize and clear energy blockages.


Relax and release blockages with in deep state of relaxation using hypnosis and guided imagery and full body massage

60 Minutes w Massage.$149.00

 Samantha G-Azad

Certified Hypnotherapist

Spa Packages

Spa Day Package

Includes a one hour hot stone massage, one hour custom facial, choice between body treatments (Scrub or Seaweed Wrap) and choice between detox’s (Aqua Chi Footbath or Sauna) $199- 3 hours ($235 value)

Couples Spa Package 

Includes 30 min sauna 

* 60 min side-by-side massage $199

*90 min side=by-side massage $239

75 Minute Massage/15 Minutes Reflexology

75 minute therapeutic massage and fifteen minutes of foot reflexology incorporated. $99 ($119 value)

Relaxation Package

90 min  massage with body scrub , 30 min Foot Detox Bath

.$159  $189 value)

Horizons Detox Package-

2.5hr ….$199

One hour hot stone detox massage followed by an aqua chi footbath and ending with an aloe herbal detoxifying bodywrap.

Mommy to Be Package

–2hrs …$169

1hr Pregnancy massage with aromatherapy to ease back pains and promote circulation.  Then feel refreshed with a custom 1hr facial and Eco-Fin Hand treatment.

 3- 1hr Aloe Wrap Detox Series-$269 

Purchase 3 Aloe Wraps get one Free Facial included

3- Ionic Detox Foot Bath Series-$99

Purchase 3 -30 min foot  Detox

Couples Packages 

Rates per couple Upgrade  Deep tissue$10-1hr $15-90min  

Side by side in same Room 

6o min -$169  90 min $219

Couples Massage& Sauna 

6o min -$189  90 min $239

Couples Aroma-Hot Stones 

6o min -$199  90 min $249

This service must be booked 714-609-5038